Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cato Campaign Cash & the Pat Toomey Gun Control Connection

The Cato Institute's Chairman, Robert "We can't be perceived as a mouthpiece of special interests" Levy is on a crusade for increased gun control, and quite a few libertarians are none too happy about it. Others are baffled, and a slim few - mostly other Cato Stato flaks - are stepping in to give him some cover. But there's something anomalous to this story, for the bill that Levy supports was already voted on...and lost.

So why this particular push, why Levy/Cato, and why now?

It may not surprise you, dear reader, that Mr. Levy is politically active. He has given over $100,000 since 2008 to partisan political causes.

It also may not surprise you that Mr. Levy enjoys a cushy relationship with one Sen. Patrick Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania and co-sponsor of the Obama-backed Toomey-Manchin background check bill. Toomey even wrote the cover quote for Levy's book on bad Supreme Court decisions.

Would you be surprised to know though that 100% of Levy's $100,000 in giving has gone to bankroll Pat Toomey himself, or to the Club For Growth, a Republican Political Action Committee of which Toomey was president from 2005 to 2010?

LEVY, ROBERT NAPLES,FL 34108 CATO INSTITUTE 7/14/10 $90,200 Club for Growth Advocacy

LEVY, ROBERT NAPLES,FL 34108 CATO INSTITUTE 10/19/09 $5,000 Club for Growth

LEVY, ROBERT NAPLES,FL 34108 CATO INSTITUTE 7/1/08 $5,000 Club for Growth

LEVY, ROBERT MR NAPLES,FL 34108 CATO INSTITUTE 12/30/09 $4,800 Toomey, Pat (R)

LEVY, ROBERT MR NAPLES,FL 34108 CATO INSTITUTE 12/30/09 $2,400 Toomey, Pat (R)

And one of those - specifically the $90,200 check - was effectively a pass-through when Club for Growth was financing Toomey's bid for the United States Senate.

So if you're baffled by this latest stunt from a prominent leader in a "libertarian" organization, don't be. Levy's newfound love for gun control is just another incident in a long line of donations to Pat Toomey's Republican Party political career.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kirchick's Kreepy Kompanions

James Kirchick is back in the news in the Daily Beast, sliming Ron Paul again for the supposed "bigots" on the advisory board of his new think tank.

Which is all strange.

Because Kirchick also now works for a very different think tank. A think tank with its own advisory board of right wing uber-bigots.

Very, very strange.