Friday, May 3, 2013

Meanwhile, back on Ferenginar...

Robert Levy, the Grand Nagus of the Cato Empire, is sticking to his guns in a quest to regulate yours. Why, might you ask?

Let's turn to the Rules of Acquisition for elucidation:

Rule # 57. Good customers are as rare as latinum—treasure them.

Political customers included. But is that the only motive?

Rule # 76. Every once in a while, declare confuses the hell out of your enemies

And confused they are, though the Nagus has also attempted this strategy before. So perhaps it's...

Rule # 177. Know your enemies...but do business with them always.

Ah, yes. Except that invites the scorn of friends. Or at least those willing to criticize a potential source of income. Which leads us to the applicable clause:

Rule # 37. You can always buy back a lost reputation.

Just like you can buy your way into the graces of a politician.

Or in other parlance and to be absolutely clear about what's really going on in here:

Robert Levy of the Cato Institute is polishing the lump of dung that is the Obama-backed gun control bill because it's a personal favor to his longtime customer and pet political project Sen. Patrick Toomey, the bill's sponsor.

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