Thursday, May 31, 2012

They apparently used PowerPoint in the mid 1980s

And the Cato Institute consciously avoids Washington political struggles in favor of influencing "ideas," even though it proudly touts itself as the primary architect of "President George W. Bush’s unsuccessful effort to privatize Social Security."

Also, Ed Crane apparently hates elected officials, even though he donates thousands of dollars to their campaigns and invites them to keynote Cato events at politically opportune times for their Vice Presidential aspirations.

Furthermore, Cato is all about the "long term strategy" of changing "public opinion" over generations rather than influencing policy battles now, even though it does next-to-nothing to educate the public at large about libertarianism and virtually all of its "public" events are suit-and-tie lobbyist sessions and "Capitol Hill Briefings" for Washington, D.C. insiders.

And the Cato shareholder's agreement was a dormant non-entity that nobody really thought about between 1981 and Bill Niskanen's death last year, even though Ed Crane was badgering the Koch Brothers to dissolve it to no avail as early as 1993.

Also, when the Kochs added Nancy Pfotenhauer and Kevin Gentry to the Cato board in 2010 it was a drastic departure from the usual die-hard libertarians of the purest form who sit on that venerable body.

These are just a few of the self-contradictory absurdities one must accept in order to make it through the lightly veiled pro-Crane puff piece that appeared in the Washingtonian magazine this week. Regardless of where you stand with the Brothers Koch, the whole thing seems designed to make Boss Crane seem...well...less prickly than he actually is.

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