Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When John Yoo came to Cato

Cato's "principles" were on full display back in 2005...when they welcomed Bush Admin torture fetishist John Yoo to a forum at the Hayek Theatre in the Glass Cube. The same stage hosted Ben Bernanke two years later.

And yes, they also featured him with glowing approval in the Cato newsletter that month.

One interesting and hypocritical aside: a post by Chris Preble on the Crane Operative blog is currently testing the tactic of attacking the Koch Brothers for financing a conference at AEI featuring speakers of far lesser Neocon pedigree than their own John Yoo.

As a matter of curiosity, Cato donors might also consider asking how much Ed Crane & Co. paid to put on the John Yoo event.

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