Friday, December 24, 2010

A Giant Flaming Hypocrite

Outside of his odd political friendship with David "pop goes the" Weigel, James Kirchick is best known in libertarian circles as the public face of the Ron Paul newsletter smear story of 2008.

You may recall that Kirchick, who is openly gay, took particular offense at Paul's 1980's era newsletters over their insensitivity towards AIDS, which he in turn interpreted virulent homophobia.

For all the verbal lashing he gave Ron Paul, poor little Jamie apparently has few qualms about his own peculiar association with the Claremont Institute, which publishes his neoconservative saber rattling along side its intellectual leader Harry Jaffa's proclamations that "Sodomites should be returned to the closet, where they were of relatively little danger to themselves or others." In fact, Claremont is well known as a hotbed of virulent anti-homosexual commentary, and aligns firmly with the Christine O'Donnell wing of the Republican Party. But they also like warmongering bluster, hence their affinity for the Giuliani-ite Kirchick.

For all the cosmotarian fruitloops out there who hid behind shallow claims of "principle" while smearing Paul over thinly alleged associations and innuendos of anti-gay bigotry, I have a simple question: Will you hold your little friend Jamie to a similar standard for his hypocritical Claremont Institute dalliances?