Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Conservative on Weigel

The American Conservative magazine has an interesting note on David Weigel, the self-described "reporter" at Reason Magazine who helped to drive his friend Jamie Kirchick's smear campaign against Ron Paul last February:
Weigel did his first piece on the newsletters (which were hardly news in Libertarian circles) with Julian Sanchez which dealt with potential culprits i.e Lew Rockwell and company. That caused a nice kefuffle in libertarian circles but ultimately the issue died out as Paul’s campaign petered out. However, the issue never petered out as far as Weigel was concerned as he kept coming back to it again, and again, and again
It's a true shame. Weigel took so much pride in his own pitiful contribution to the newsletter story that he repeated it ad nauseum, and at complete disregard for the movement he claims to support. In fact, his article in this month's Reason is the first in a while where he did not harp on the newsletters. Ironically, the piece is one of the few places where such self-crediting might have been appropriate. It is an article about why the Paul campaign failed to unite and embolden the libertarian movement.

Weigel, to his credit, explores multiple angles from the media's indifference to the erratic behavior of Bob Barr. He conveniently omits his own contribution to the internal divisions though - the newsletter story.